Fashion Inspiration


I was born and raised in the country called Belarus, witch is next to Russia and Poland. I went to school for journalism, and never thought my life would turned out the other way. I came to the US four years ago, and started working as a merchandiser in one of the retail stores.
My passion for fashion was always one of the significant part of my life. I never got a special skills or knowledge about fashion history in school, but i have learnt a lot on my own. I don't remember myself not being interested in going to a fashion show, or buying another book about Coco Chanel. That was my hobby, my biggest inspiration and treasure.
I admire the savage beauty Alexander McQueen created throughout his whole life and career. I love what Sarah Burton does right now. I can name Valentino, Proenza Shouler, Suno, Alexander Wang and many other among my favorite and inspiring designers. My favorite actress is still one of the most stylish and smartest women in Russia, her name is Renata Litvinova. I do like to watch unrated, art house movies and traing my mind to judge the beauty and creativity without somebody else's influence. Natalia Vodyanova is not only my style icon, but an example of a woman in life.
I try to find the beauty inside of me and what's around me. And i believe that can be a true expression of my own style and fashion.   

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