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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Golden Age

Is color lace still in? When I saw that gold sweater I’m wearing on the pictures, I immediately thought about putting it together with a grass green lace dress I have. And I was just talking how I’m not going to buy anything gold this season, and I found this beauty at H&M today! I’ve noticed it earlier actually in one of the magazines, and since then was secretly checking the store for a new collection. For $10 (!!!) it was a good investment in gold anyway!

Wearing: sweater - H&M, dress - Forever21, shoes - Forever21, necklace - Forever21, bracelet - David Yurman

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gold Rush

We’ve seen a lot of gold during New York Fashion Week Fall 2012, there were a lot gold dresses on Oscars. Well, since now the gold fashion rush is official, I got that gold fever too. I looked through my closet for this shoot, and I found quite a few worthy pieces that I haven’t touched in months. That’s a good thing, I won’t need to spend any extra money, since gold wasn’t on my “list” this season. Well, until just now.
My gold purse is actually a treasured prize I treated myself with. I saw it at Rogues Gallery – the store that’s located on Warf street in Portland. The brand started as a line of a garment-dyed T-shirts, and the designer for it – Alex Carleton - took it to the highest level. Now the clothes from the store are sold all over the world, but the only brand shop is still here in Portland, Maine where it originally started. Alex Carleton is the same person I was talking about in my previous post (here): he is the one who designs L.L.Bean Signature Collection.
Rogues Gallery is still one of my favorite places to stop by on a weekend. It looks like a house of a fisherman from Maine coast that left this place years ago - the ropes, antique books and glass bottles are thrown around. The wooden floors and shelving and handmade furniture give the shop a sign of abandoned beach cottage. They mostly sell men’s clothes and signature graphic tees. But as I mentioned, they have a fantastic collection of purses and bags. And jewelry, that are always sea themed and look like something you find at your grandmother’s jewelry case.     

Wearing: dress - Forever21, blazer - H&M, leather jacket - Collection B, tights - Express, shoes - Steve Madden, purse - Rogues Gallery, necklace - Forever21   

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bean Boots and Lobster (A Few Good Things About Maine)

There are few good things about Maine that I love and probably would have never been able to try/enjoy/see without  living in Portland for quite a while now. Maine lobsters, amazing summers on the coast,  L.L.Bean Boots – are these essentials that I mention every time someone asks me about the place I live.
There is an L.L.Bean Flagship store 25 minutes away from Portland. I love going there. Especially, after they started a “younger” line - their Signature Collection designed by Alex Carleton and the spring lookbook was styled by one of my favorite bloggers – The Glamourai (you can read about it here). There is so much to say about the brand and creative director of the Signature Collection, that I almost want to write a separate post. Just want to mention for now, that there are more cool “New England” style in Portland. And everything somehow gets connected!

A few displays of the Signature collection setup that i took pictures of in the store.

During the spring 2012 lookbook shoot. image The Glamourai

I bought my Signature Bean boots first thing i found out about the collection. By the way there is a lifetime warranty on any L.L.Bean boots. I don't think anyone brings them back though.

Wearing: Coat - L.L.Bean, Skirt - H&M, Scarf - vintage, Shoes - Steve Madden, Purse - Forever21, Sunglasses - Ray-Ban 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paris On My Mind

There is this little coffee shop “Mornings in Paris” right in the heart of Old Port in Portland where I like to go every time I get a chance. It is haven for French lovers like me. Only there I find the best Parisian macaroon, and even there is a line at the counter barista is taking his time making your cappuccino so it comes out the best way it possibly can. There are pictures of Eiffel tower on the brick walls, and shelving is full of antique floral china. I only know one person – my good friend from back home who is now living in London – and who would probably appreciate that place more than I do. I wish I could take her there.
Today we went to take a walk in the Old Port and stopped by in “Mornings in Paris” for a cup of vanilla latte and rose macaroons.

Wearing: Trench  coat – Alexander McQueen for Target, Shirt – Missoni for Target, Boots – Burberry, Purse – Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses - Vogue.     

Friday, February 24, 2012

Modern Decadent

The inspiration for this post was Gucci's fall/winter RTW 2012. When i read the review on, i was almost sure that Frida Giannini somehow got into my head and used my thoughts to create her fall runway looks. She is talking about decadence romance, the colors are dark, the fabrics - a lot of velvet and jacquard. I have to say, i'm loving every piece! Back in college i used to read a lot of poets of the late nineteenth century - the period of time when symbolism and decadence where "the main stream", and every time i dreamed about me being one of these pale skinned depressed women wearing their velvet gowns and miniature peacock feathers in their hair. I was buying a lot of vintage velvet and brocade and burgundy shade lipstick, but it never happened in the reality that i would actually wear all of it. I guess you have to have some confidence to pull off all that "drama". But i'm happy i'll be finally bringing my black velvets into life. Well, at least i will try that time. I'm ready for my dramatic fall 2012!

Wearing: Dress - Free People, Bracelet - vintage, Fur purse - H&M, Shoes - Bandolino, Clutch on the floor - YSL, Hair flower - H&M.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mary Katrantzou: Fall/Winter RTW 2012 and Topshop Collaboration

Mary Katrantzou, Greek born designer, showed her fall/winter RTW collection today at London Fashion Week. Mixture of bold prints, sophisticated structural design, and industrial jewelry are the things that Mary Katrantzou is famous for. Her fall collection wasn't an exception. What i additionally like to all the prints craziness is the model's hair. These buns are something that i wear on a daily basis (call me lazy). And how cool are they with a great Katrantzou's dresses!

Here is some of my favorite looks from Mary Katrantzou fall/winter 2012

The other thing i was looking forward this winter was Katrantzou's collaboration with Topshop. I loved every single piece of the collection. Too bad almost all of it is sold out already. 


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