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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The "Russian" in me!

I remember when i was a little girl my mom used to wear a fur hat with a floor length fur jacket (you couldn't even see her hight heel boots). Actually every woman in Belarus (or Russia) was trying to get one of these hats. Having a fur hat and (!) a jacket was a sign of some sort of wealthiness. You know i'm talking an actual fur! And since there were no runways, or boutiques, or any kind of fashion back then women were being creative and making up their own style. My dad by the way had the same exact hat as my mom did, except for his was a lot bigger:)
I've been wanting to get a fur hat (fake fur obviously) for a long time, and when i tried one on few days ago i didn't take it off, just had to have it. All my friends were saying that i looked very "Russia" in it. To me it is a significant feature of a military style i'm becoming obsessed with this season (i have a feeling it is going to be BIG). But i don't mind combining these two very strong and similar in a way styles.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

It is all about Christmas!

 It is Christmas soon!!! It's been very weird for me to celebrate Christmas for the past couple years, the time of me living in the US. Since we celebrate Christmas in January in my country, and people value New Year as a holiday more than Christmas anyways, i was confused about all the Christmas rush happening here. But to be honest, i love it all now. I already have my Christmas outfit picked up (well, just a dress). I put the shoes (suede military inspired over the knee boots from Free People i want to wear with it on my Christmas list. And i just got my Christmas tree yesterday. It is my first real and very own Christmas tree, so i started preparing the decoration for it like a month ago. After shopping at, Ebay, flea markets, local christmas shops, Tj Maxx and anywhere i would see the sign of christmas decoration sale i finally created a good collection of vintage/vintage inspired ornaments. I didn't want my tree to have a look straight our of "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine. My boyfirend and i were really excited to have a Christmas tree that would look like a Tree from our childhood.

                                                   Some tea and cookies before we start

Love the colors on this one


Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY under 20 min

I've been really inspired by A pair and a spare fashion blog lately. It is full of an amazing DIY projects that you can accomplish without special tools and skills. I also won't be able to do any project that takes more than one hour, but there are so many of the ones that are done in like 15-20 min. Here is one of those that i did last night while watching the documentary about Yves  Saint Lauren.
I've had that plain oversized navy blue t-shirt for awhile. I have to tell you i'm a big fan of an oversized everything. It is so easy to dress it up or down by adding accessories or mix them with whatever style you want. Anyways, i has that shirt and a sequin ribbon that i cut off of my "too long" Ann Taylor skirt.

What i wanted to have is the same oversized navy blue tee with a little twist. I just sew the sequin part to the bottom of my shirt and it came out pretty fun and festive. I obviously worn that to work the next day. To make it more casual i added some black tights, jean shorts, and a plaid shirt.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Traditionally happy Sunday!

My first post happened to be a Sunday post. The perfect december sunny Sunday. I don't usually do much on Sundays. Except for i do have a little tradition: i make french crapes for my boyfriend and i for breakfast while skyping with my lovely mom who lives overseas.
They usually dress up on Sunday where i'm from. That was one of my favorite parts! And it's officially day free of cleaning, working, doing your laundry... You usually do something for fun, something that everyone in a family loves. We went to the beach - my other big passion. I'm terrified by an ocean water, you couldn't pay me to go inside, but i do love looking at it. That's why it is so easy to make any day of the year a beach day for me:)

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