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Thursday, March 29, 2012

(Heart) Tights

Winter is back in town. I put all my cold weather shoes and accessories away already. I guess, there was no rush for that. So the tights and hot espresso are still a mast have. I like mine to be fun: with a hearts on the the tights, and Moulin Rouge sleeve on my latte cup! 

Wearing: denim shirt - Target, sweater - Forever21, wool skirt - vintage, tights - Forever21, shoes - Zara, bracelets - JCPenney, bag - Audrey Brooke. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Secret of "Wooden Diamonds"

Vika Gazinskaya has presented her Fall -Winter collection that was inspired by baroque art and vintage wallpapers. Golden brass jacquard and historical clothing details are the main theme of the collection. I wrote a few posts about Vika Gazinskaya (here and here) and her previous collections, but i feel like the fall looks are the strongest ones. I don't know if it's because i have a thing for "baroque couture" (ever since Alexander McQueen's "Angels and Demons" collection), but this is my favorite collection by Vika gazinskaya so far. 

all the images

There is also a separate part of the collection that kind of sticking out. These sweatshirts with colorful "wooden diamonds" on them. You have probably seen them before, since Miroslava Duma and Vika herself wore them during Paris Fashion Week. And all the style bloggers has became obsessed with these beauties ever since. Unfortunately for those who were going to buy them, the sweaters won't be available until the end of August and what stores are going to launch Vazinskaya's collection is a secret too. But for those who simply want to DIY them, Vika told Russian Vogue that the "diamonds" are magnets, so you can move and arrange them however you wish. I know, i'm on a "shopping diet" this month, but no one said i couldn't get crafty. If only i could find these magnets!      

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alice+Olivia's Spring Collection


You want to see all the spring trends in one collection? Alice+Olivia lookbook has got it all, including the striped bell bottoms that Stacey Bendet (the founder and designer for the brand) became famous for. I love how effortless and chic every piece of the collection is. And what's more good about it - if you want to wear a total runway look, go for it. It's been already "life appropriate" styled for you!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Not buying it!

Before i started this blog, i had a Blog IDEA and way too many clothes in my closet. And i even bought this book by Judith Levine "Not Buying It. My Year Without Shopping". So you probably guessed what was on my mind: sort through (my clothes), throw away/swap/donate/sell (things i didn't wear in the past few months) and organize (the closet). And one more thing - STOP shopping! I was doing great until it came to the last point check. And i shamelessly failed. But the only thing that was still making me feel a little better about myself was the thought that i started working on it, i brought 5 "Whole Foods" shopping bags filled up with clothes to Goodwill, i sold few designer things that i was keeping as a trophy, but wasn't wearing them, i have also started to prioritize my shopping habits (here).
So, i guess, this is about time to put myself into that last challenge i couldn't handle before. This time i got that idea from Ashely from Sweet William. She has done it before, and is doing it again. And obviously knows what this whole "not shopping thing" is about. I don't have any specific time set for that, or any aims that i follow. I just want to see if i can take one month to start without buying new (read unnecessary) things. Plus, there is always an alternative to want you want to buy in your closet already. Just need to take a closer look. The most wonderful and forgotten things could be down there in the corner. And there is no better time to wear them than NOW.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back in the USSR with Ulyana Sergeenko


These pictures are part of the lookbook of Ulyana Sergeenko's latest spring-summer collection that was inspired by imaginable trip that Brigitte Bardot took to the USSR. I don't know what this is with me talking more and more about Russian fashion designers and editors (here and here) lately! I blame it on my homesickness. But probably that is too pathetic to be true. I think i finally admitted (to myself first of all) that there is a great fashion back home that i know so little about. And that's a shame! So i want to fix it, and maybe introduce you to some of the names you never heard of but will hopefully love in the future.
Back to Ulyana Sergeenko. Her last collection is very little different from what she usually does - retro inspired girly dresses, chiffon maxi gowns and flowy skirts, ditsy florals and rich velvets. It's no different from what the designer usually wears herself too. She is a true Russian doll with the scarf wrapped around her head the way they used to wear it back in the USSR (so called 'babushka" style). And i love it. This is something i can wear every day and night and feel pretty in. And this is what my grandmother tough me to do too. Now when the memories starting to get me i have to finish this post before i start crying my eyes out. But i will be back with more fashion from my home country and show you some beauty and style tricks from "Soviet" times.          


Saturday, March 24, 2012

How I Wore PJ's Out (Not Really)

My pajama top from Betsy Johnson has finally arrived. Well, it actually got here like a week ago, but i never had a chance to wear it. As i posted a few weeks ago (here) i tried to come up with an "outdoor" outfit for it. And at first i just wanted to layer the shirt with a blazer and maybe a coat on top too, since i bought an actual pajama piece from an intimate collection. But then i figured, what the hell?! I might give a try and leave it fully seen with some heels and make up done. And i think this is the key: if you are trying to rock a "sleepwear" outside of your apartment and you are not headed to "Walmart", make sure you put mascara and cute shoes on. Now i'm searching online for a "pajama" style pants. I don't think i can get away with the ones you wear to bed in that case though. Oh well, i guess, we will see!

Wearing: top - Betsy Johnson, pants - H&M, shoes - Moda Spana, clutch - Yves Saint Laurent, necklace - H&M 

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