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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Basics

new basics

I have to admit, i don't have such a great collection of "new" (as i would like to call it) basics. I do have a closet, a dresser, a rolling rack, a few totes and... a suitcase full of clothes. I try to go through my stuff every once in a while, and bring what i don't wear to Goodwill, or swap it, or sell. But it seems like it doesn't help much. Because i fulfill my dressers with the same frequency as i get rid of extra stuff. I have made it my New Year's resolution to invest in classics that will never go out of fashion. And have it as a rule to buy only a few trendy things every season. It just makes it so easy to stay in style without spending tons of money every three months. And buying just two or three things (that's including accessories and jewelry) will still show your fashion appreciation. Since i do own a few significant pieces already, i figured i should just finish the collection!     

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashion Craftsman

When i first saw Iris van Herpen's designs, i automatically thought of Alexander McQueen. It was so perfectly... crafted! And i would say this is the exact explanation of the designing process - old fashion crafting technique plus innovations. As McQueen was a king of tailoring, so van Herpen is a classic craftsmanship queen. She was actually interning at Alexander McQueen in London before opening her own label in 2007. 27 years old Dutch based designer creates dresses with organic curves and curled tentacles from plexiglas, antique bronze, latex or lampshade fabric. Her last couture collection was presented on a first day of Paris Fashion Week, and was inspired by the teeming, invisible world of the microscopic.

Iris van Herpen doesn't have a pret-a-porter line yet, and her couture dresses are made to order. Lady Gaga and Bjork are among designer's fans. But there is a good news - you can get designers shoes without placing a special order. And these shoes are the ones to die for. Do they remind you of fabulous McQueen designs?  


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Like me on a good day

We went to see Above&Beyond last night at Royale in Boston. Boyfriend introduced me to them not so long ago, and i become a big fan since then. We always go to Royale when there is a "big" Dj in. But last night was a special one. I did love the music for a long time, but never saw a life show. And A&B did just great. It is rare when you see a Dj interacting with an audience on a level when you can almost count them as one of your friends. And that's apparently makes all the difference. I almost cried when they played old but still my favorite "On a good day". It was very emotional and  heart-full show. Not to mention a fantastic music!

Getting ready in a hotel before the show

Before the club in the hotel. 

Above&Beyond "On a Good Day "

Wearing: Dress - Forever21, tights - Target, shoes - Steve Madden, clutch - Yves Saint Laurent, bracelets - Forever21. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Collar necklaces #2

I'm posting some pictures of the collar necklaces i own, and there are few different ways how i wear them.

These are two of my favorite things to do with a collar necklaces. First one, when you add a little twist to your "graphic tee outfit" by using statement necklace. I love wearing my "Moscow" T-shirt by Marc Jacobs borrowed from the boyfriend forever with that high tech looking necklace:) And i use the same necklace when wear a collar shirt, it adds an interesting vibe  to a preppy look.  

The other cool thing to do is to layer your necklaces under girly shirts, blouses and dresses. That's if you don't like "buttoned up all the way" look. I like to have fun when if comes to jewelry, so i mix styles and patterns. If i get too bored of wearing just one statement collar necklace, i add a layer to it as well. Mixing textures and metals here is a must.  

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Collar necklaces: yes, please!

I don't know how about you, but i'm becoming obsessed with a collar necklaces! They have been around for quiet a while, but i never thought about how functional they are! It is such a great statement piece, and you can wear it with any plain crew neck shirt. I love wearing mine with a button up shirts too!

The most fun thing about this trend, is that you can pick one from such a huge variety! There are necklaces made out of lace, metal, fabric, with a stone design, and many more. And if you want to look especially chic you can layer your collar necklaces with some chains.
Dannijo Aram Pointy Collar Necklace

 Bryce Canyon Layered Collar Necklace from Free People

Lanvin Beaded Collar Necklace

Miss Wax Lace Collar Necklace

Modern Tribes #2 Peter Pan Collar Necklace

RJ Grazuano Collar Necklace

I will post some pictures of my favorite collar necklaces tomorrow, and show how i like to wear them. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIY: a Mullet Skirt

I'm posting the pictures of my mullet skirt that i made out of a maxi dress. I used A Pair and a Spare tutorial ( for her collaboration with Free People. It was so easy to make it. And took me probably 20 min. That's my limit, no DIYs over it!

My skirt didn't need a lot of "extra something" to it. It is made out of a silky bold printed fabric. That's why i kept the outfit very clear and light, except for i used some statement jewelry. I tied my plain oversized off the shoulder shirt in a knot to make it shorter and to give it a twist. This way the outfit is staying balanced without looking boring.  
What would you wear a mullet skirt with? 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Less And More

I'm in love with a mullet skirt - the one that is low on the back, and short in the front! I made one out of a maxi H&M dress that i never worn  (and was not going to, i know!) a few months ago. And didn't realize that the trend is going to be big this spring. I found some inspirational runway looks - different modern interpretations of an old fashioned "cabaret" skirt.

 Jason Wu had mullet skirt as one of the key elements of his Spring 2012 RTW collection. And knowing about his coming "retro" collaboration with Target, i'm excited to see what it will be about!

Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2012 by Sarah Burton

Traditional mullet skirt by Diane von Furstenberg (below) and a new take on it by Riccardo Tisci for Givanchy (top)

I'll be posting the pictures of my DIYed skirt tomorrow.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Color block.

A few days ago we were playing dress up at work (in training purposes obviously P.S. love my job!!). I got to come up with a color block outfit, witch was so much fun to do! Color blocking is making its come back this season, and i feel like it will be as big as it was last spring. And it is so easy to do! There is a color wheel to help picking the right colors, if you are not sure. Pick a color on the color wheel then draw a straight line across the color wheel, this is the color's complement. I would also add the colors that are next to the "complement" to the "compliments list". Just to make it less boring. And the other rule: use neutral color accessories.

The color wheel shows the compliment color for yellow - violet.

These outfits are some good examples of color blocking

I did mine in a "classic" way

Bangles are white and black (neutral colors!!). Grey would work too, grey is another (read instead of) white for me 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Peplum obsession

Today i bought a peplum shirt by Rory Beca for Forever21. I was quiet impressed with her resort collection for the brand, because their first collaboration experience wasn't that great.  It's rare when i actually get truly excited about buying stuff, that's why i try not to shop as much as i used to. But i've been looking for a peplum something for a long time. And when i saw this navy blue shirt with a cobalt blue peplum and open back, i almost screamed! You might think this is funny, but i do get fall in love with cloths and shoes sometimes.
Late 40's is one of my inspirational fashion eras. This where the "peplum mission" came from. I first learnt about it when i found an old book at the flea market - the Russian edition of Christian Dior's biography and fell in love with "The New Look" he created in 1947. Fitted jackets, full lengths skirts, soft shoulders were something almost unacceptable after the war, but it brought back the lady like hourglass shape look. It was the femininity come back in fashion. They used to wear corsets to make a waist look thiner, and put on a million chiffon layers maxi skirts to add fullness to the hip area. What we need today is a fun peplum shirt and some jeans. Still look pretty ladylike!

I worn the peplum shirt with a cropped high waisted Topshop trouser pants. I wanted to have a  retro look, but i tried the shirt with the jeans, skinny black pants, pencil skirt, mini skirt... It works:)

Adding some vintage inspired jewelry

and something rebellious to bring the look together!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Neon + Pastels + Print + Accessory = Fun Fashion

It is freezing outside, and my bright spring mood seems very odd, i guess. But i always get exited after New Year's. It is time to update your wardrobe with some nautical stripes, buy some boat shoes and anchor necklace. And this season add some neon+pastels for the twist. I only wish i could be on vacation right now. As i promised in a previous post i'll pull some of my neons and try to put a few outfit together.

I worn my neon yellow jeans with a lavender/blue/lime floral shirt, navy blue military inspired jacket and white wedgies. I wasn't sure how this was going to work out, but it is easy with jeans. I have learnt you can wear any colored denim as you would wear your everyday blue jeans. It simplifies the process of picking things that would go with it, and gives you that sophisticated and cool look.  

For this outfit i picked off white lace shirt (it actually has pearl buttons all the way down in the back). I'm planing on wearing all the brights with some jewel tone lace girly things this season. As i mentioned before white and gray always work. I was making some outfits at work today, and discovered light pink and neon yellow combination!!! I added some vintage inspired jewelry (pearls would work too) and put my hair up in a bun.

Sometimes accessory of a right color is more than enough to show your fashion appreciation. I was writing this post and thinking how cool neon jewelry would  look like. And you can DIY these easily too. I guess, i have to stock up on some neon spray paint, and finally get rid of  my old plain bangles.    


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