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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Business Card Holders

All card holders - Dannah, money clip - Gucci, watch - Fossil, bracelet - Dannah

I have been crazy busy with a new projects at work! It makes me super excited every morning i get up, but at the same time brings lack of posts here on the blog. I just received my new business cards in a mail a few days ago, and that put me back in a game. I do believe that if you do something in style, you should go all the way. And the little details make a huge difference. That's why i was particularly picky about my business card holder! I ended up getting a few different ones, but as you can see i'm all about the color! I'm sure i will probably buy a few more as soon as i get a free second and actually take a nice break to browse Kate Spade online shop. But that's later, as of right now i'm back to life where bright card holder is something that makes "24/7 busy girl thing" a little easier.       


  1. All the holders are attractive but pink one is more adorable than rest of all, why shouldn't you focus only on designing attractive plastic card holders....

  2. Business card holders are indeed a highly useful item and can serve the business with various benefits. A business card holder created out of leather is very common and is surely durable..
    Card Holders


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