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Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY under 20 min

I've been really inspired by A pair and a spare fashion blog lately. It is full of an amazing DIY projects that you can accomplish without special tools and skills. I also won't be able to do any project that takes more than one hour, but there are so many of the ones that are done in like 15-20 min. Here is one of those that i did last night while watching the documentary about Yves  Saint Lauren.
I've had that plain oversized navy blue t-shirt for awhile. I have to tell you i'm a big fan of an oversized everything. It is so easy to dress it up or down by adding accessories or mix them with whatever style you want. Anyways, i has that shirt and a sequin ribbon that i cut off of my "too long" Ann Taylor skirt.

What i wanted to have is the same oversized navy blue tee with a little twist. I just sew the sequin part to the bottom of my shirt and it came out pretty fun and festive. I obviously worn that to work the next day. To make it more casual i added some black tights, jean shorts, and a plaid shirt.

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