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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Peplum obsession

Today i bought a peplum shirt by Rory Beca for Forever21. I was quiet impressed with her resort collection for the brand, because their first collaboration experience wasn't that great.  It's rare when i actually get truly excited about buying stuff, that's why i try not to shop as much as i used to. But i've been looking for a peplum something for a long time. And when i saw this navy blue shirt with a cobalt blue peplum and open back, i almost screamed! You might think this is funny, but i do get fall in love with cloths and shoes sometimes.
Late 40's is one of my inspirational fashion eras. This where the "peplum mission" came from. I first learnt about it when i found an old book at the flea market - the Russian edition of Christian Dior's biography and fell in love with "The New Look" he created in 1947. Fitted jackets, full lengths skirts, soft shoulders were something almost unacceptable after the war, but it brought back the lady like hourglass shape look. It was the femininity come back in fashion. They used to wear corsets to make a waist look thiner, and put on a million chiffon layers maxi skirts to add fullness to the hip area. What we need today is a fun peplum shirt and some jeans. Still look pretty ladylike!

I worn the peplum shirt with a cropped high waisted Topshop trouser pants. I wanted to have a  retro look, but i tried the shirt with the jeans, skinny black pants, pencil skirt, mini skirt... It works:)

Adding some vintage inspired jewelry

and something rebellious to bring the look together!


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