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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear Armin!

I have finally met Armin van Buuren! Here in Boston! After being his greatest fan since my high school years, when i used to keep his CD's (we used to use these back then) in my dad's car just in case i ride with him. After the trance music was being played in my ipod for years and years later in Minsk, and then taken to Moscow, and to NYC, and to Miami, and to all the other cities i lived and visited! And after my little brother has been introduced to The Sound of Goodbye and ironically (???) started djing. Last night was one of these great moments when you feel like something important and memorable happening. Please, excuse my sentimental way of expressing myself in this post, but last night i felt happy like never before. Music must be my second biggest passion after you know what. Being an art school graduate i would still keep listening to trance in between piano and solfeggio classes. 

Living in or visiting the same places make you stop noticing the beauty of them. Boston met us with fog and rain. But i couldn't care less. Although, i did feel bad for ruining my suede shoes! 

Boyfriend is wearing Armani Exchange cardigan and Burberry watch

Alexander McQueen crass-body bag

The other important thing is what to wear to a show like this. This is not the ordinary night out when you your boyfriend wants you to be in that little black dress and those sky high black heels. Jeans and fun T-shirt is the uniform for the night of drinking, jumping, screaming and dancing your heart out (whichever comes first). I did it all!!! The only thing i wanted to keep highly maintained and a little fancy is my face. In a scariest nightmare i cannot imagine sweating my eye shadow off my face in shame!  

 Pressed powder and blush - Yves Saint Laurent, cream eye shadow - Bobby Brown in Galaxy, lipstick - Clinique in Watermelon.

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