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Sunday, May 6, 2012


I wore a new to me fragrance today "Parisienne" by Yves Saint Laurent. I'm very picky about scents and fragrances, and rarely cheat on my favorite perfumes. But i can't fight my little obsession with France and anything French, especially when it comes from YSL. So here it is - a fragrance for a women who is a little too young for Opium, but tired of being Burberry Sport type of girl. Plus, there is nothing more exiting then to try to make fragrance a part of your outfit. And for the girl like me who is not from Paris, but wishes she was it is a perfect opportunity to show the inner "French". Messy hair (never greasy, but looking like it hasn't been washed for a few days), eye liner, red lipstick and some stripes, cigarets and espresso, Chanel chain bag and leather moto jacket - those are the thinks that come to my mind when i think of an ideal french women. But those are not the rules! There shouldn't be any really. Today i skipped a few steps, and used orange lipstick (my newest obsession!) instead of red one and a T-shirt designed by the british man. The actual french is always about how you feel anyways. And i've been feeling very Parisian lately.  

Wearing: T-shirt - Alexander McQueen for Target, skirt - Ella Moss, shoes - Kelly & Katie, cardigan - Banana Republic, purse - Alexander McQueen, sunglasses - Vogue, perfume - Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent, lipstick - Sephora Rouge Shine.

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