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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gold Rush

We’ve seen a lot of gold during New York Fashion Week Fall 2012, there were a lot gold dresses on Oscars. Well, since now the gold fashion rush is official, I got that gold fever too. I looked through my closet for this shoot, and I found quite a few worthy pieces that I haven’t touched in months. That’s a good thing, I won’t need to spend any extra money, since gold wasn’t on my “list” this season. Well, until just now.
My gold purse is actually a treasured prize I treated myself with. I saw it at Rogues Gallery – the store that’s located on Warf street in Portland. The brand started as a line of a garment-dyed T-shirts, and the designer for it – Alex Carleton - took it to the highest level. Now the clothes from the store are sold all over the world, but the only brand shop is still here in Portland, Maine where it originally started. Alex Carleton is the same person I was talking about in my previous post (here): he is the one who designs L.L.Bean Signature Collection.
Rogues Gallery is still one of my favorite places to stop by on a weekend. It looks like a house of a fisherman from Maine coast that left this place years ago - the ropes, antique books and glass bottles are thrown around. The wooden floors and shelving and handmade furniture give the shop a sign of abandoned beach cottage. They mostly sell men’s clothes and signature graphic tees. But as I mentioned, they have a fantastic collection of purses and bags. And jewelry, that are always sea themed and look like something you find at your grandmother’s jewelry case.     

Wearing: dress - Forever21, blazer - H&M, leather jacket - Collection B, tights - Express, shoes - Steve Madden, purse - Rogues Gallery, necklace - Forever21   

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