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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jean Jacket Comeback: How To Make It Work

I've been spotting more and more of denim jackets lately. I'm a big fan of a good jean jacket, and pretty excited that it is coming back in style. It is a perfect piece for transitional spring-summer period. Not to mention, you can wear it with pretty much anything. And even if you want to throw it on top of an evening gown it might work as well. There are a few tricks though to help make any jean jacket a unique statement outfit piece. First, make sure you roll up the sleeves! Sometimes it is hard when you deal not with chambray, but an actual jean fabric, but it will be easier once the jacket is pretty worn up. And the second, make sure you have a lot of cute brooches and pins to accessorize your jacket. I like to put a few different brooches in a little "nest" all together. It's like layering them - the more the better! In this case no matter how ripped or washed the jacket is, it is still a plain canvas, and you can work your outfit any way you want. I used a few different sets of pin brooches to make a few outfit options.

Perfectly rolled up sleeve is the key to a great fit

all brooches - Dannah, jacket - Ezra Fithc by Abercrombie and Fitch

brooch - Dannah

military brooches - vintage

brooch - vintage

fabric flower brooch - H&M, brooch - Dannah 

That can be a perfect option for the days when you wear your hair up 

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