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Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Easter Tradition

Happy Easter to me and all my Orthodox friends! I didn't celebrate it much, and we had pistachio gelato instead of traditional Easter bread for breakfast, and homemade pizza and syrah later for dinner. And now i feel kind of guilty (not for the gelato though, it was delicious!!) for not carrying on the tradition that's been kept in family for ages. I didn't think through my outfit as well, so it came out not very easterish, and that crochet tie dye dress would be better off at Coachella than in down town Portland. But i knew that no matter how much i try Easter would never be the same as it was back home, so it is about time to set up a new traditions. And honestly, i don't mind if the new Easter is going to be the "ice cream-pizza" type of celebration. I don't do "bad" foods much, so it is a true treat to me! And who cares about tie dye as long as it looks good.

Wearing: dress - Forever21, cardigan - Penelope Cruz for Mango, shoes - Forever21, purse - Free People, bracelet and necklace - Forever21, sunglasses - Ray-Ban.


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