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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fashion Inspiration: Alexander Terekhov


I want to continue posting about my favorite Russian designers and stylists. And today's tale is about Russian  Jason Wu, as i would like to call him. Alexander Terekhov is not only talented, but has a institutional training in design, and intern experience at Yves Saint Laurent. He is the only one from Russian design community who was honored to present his collections on New York Fashion Weeks too. He is not only famous for creating THE girl's dresses (because that's the first thing that comes on my mind when i think of Terekhov  -the great feminine dress), but also for his drawing and illustration
He showed his latest collection (the pictures of my favorite runway looks and backstage are above) in Moscow a few days ago, and it was inspired by the legendary Grace Kelly. Terekhov did it again! He plunged femininity of the 50th and timeless elegance into his collection. And, how great this rowan-berry dress is!!! I'm pretty sure i will see it more and more soon scrolling through fashion blogs!        

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