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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Degas and Impressionistic Logo T Shoot

We went to see Edgar Degas exhibition today at Portland Museum of Art. Expressionism is my favorite period of art. Let's just say if i was Alexander McQueen i would use Claude Monet's works for "Angels and Demons" instead of Botticelli's and Bosch's. Well, that's probably not a good example (McQueen had his reasons when creating his last collection), but i do get inspired by the paintings of that period and could stare at "Impression, Sunrise" forever.
Degas never really considered himself a true impressionist. And that's true in a way, you couldn't find anyone whose works would be more realistic than Degas's. The paintings of ballet dancers in class adjusting their shoes, changing; woman getting out of a bathtub, and drying their hair with a towel; salon singers - these are the themes that made his works famous. Unfortunately, they didn't bring a lot of paintings by Degas for the exhibition, there were mostly drawings and prints, and a few art works from his own collection. So i couldn't really show my boyfriend why i'm in love with impressionism and Degas's take on it.
But i think he did really good job photographing me today. I didn't plan it to be an impressionistic type of shoot, but sunset made it happen - playing with a daylight was an important part of impressionism. And btw i did a post a few weeks ago about my spring wishlist (here) and logo T-shirt was on it. How excited i was when i found exactly what i was looking for in my boyfriend's closet! His Yves Saint Laurent T was sitting there for quiet a long time, and worked perfect with my floral jacket. I hope he doesn't mind me stealing his stuff and time every ones in a while.

Wearing: Trench coat - DKNY, jacket - Forever21, t-shirt - Yves Saint Laurent, pants - H&M, shoes - Jessica Simpson, bag - Audrey Brooke, watch - Burberry.


  1. thank you. we should definitively do a photo shoot together sometime soon


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