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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Still Winter Blues

The first day of spring ended up being a winter come back here in Portland. Snow storm, freeze, parking ban just added some "joy" into my day. Sometimes i wish i didn't leave in a climate with season change. Or i could probably handle pretty well a life when you don't notice that change. Living in a big city made me never really think about how and when winter starts and when it ends. Moving to Portland was a little challenging. And i'm not used to it fully, even though i'm trying my best. I still dream about big city escape every time snow hits. How sweet would it be to wear an open toe shoes until mid December (well, maybe with some tights). Or never take your stilettos off. And while you are living this life Bill Cunningham would capture your best looks on the streets of Manhattan, and on a Sunday afternoon you would go through the Times and find the pictures. And would probably call yourself the happiest girl in Williamsburg.
But i guess it is not the place that makes it home, but the people. So for now i pulled my wool socks and shawl out, made myself some tea and started another book.

Wearing: dress - vintage, jean jacket - Ezra Fitch by Abercrombie and Fitch, vest - Abercrombie and Fitch, socks - L.L.Bean, wrap bracelet - Forever21, wooden bracelets - bought from a local craftsman in Belarus, watch - Burberry, earrings - from a local boutique.  

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