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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion Inspiration: Vika Gazinskaya


I knew about Vika Gazinskaya before Tommy Ton was taking her pictures on the street of Paris And New York. She's been a style icon and inspiration for me for quiet a long time as for many other bloggers too, i'm sure. I found out about Gazinskaya while freelancing in one of the fashion magazines back home in Minsk when i was in college. And not that many people know about her as a successful fashion designer as they know about her as a stylish Russion it-girl. Maybe because her brand just started exploring american fashion market, and there are not that many stores caring her collections in Europe too. That's unfortunate, since she is very "cosmopolitan" and open minded in her designs, she is not like the rest of Russian and eastern European designers. And i'm not trying to say that she is better or worse, she is just different to the point when you start thinking about her collection as of fashion without pointing out the designers roots. She is not straight forward about her heritage in her work, and her inspiration is the whole world.  
You can check her latest collection out here

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