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Monday, March 26, 2012

Not buying it!

Before i started this blog, i had a Blog IDEA and way too many clothes in my closet. And i even bought this book by Judith Levine "Not Buying It. My Year Without Shopping". So you probably guessed what was on my mind: sort through (my clothes), throw away/swap/donate/sell (things i didn't wear in the past few months) and organize (the closet). And one more thing - STOP shopping! I was doing great until it came to the last point check. And i shamelessly failed. But the only thing that was still making me feel a little better about myself was the thought that i started working on it, i brought 5 "Whole Foods" shopping bags filled up with clothes to Goodwill, i sold few designer things that i was keeping as a trophy, but wasn't wearing them, i have also started to prioritize my shopping habits (here).
So, i guess, this is about time to put myself into that last challenge i couldn't handle before. This time i got that idea from Ashely from Sweet William. She has done it before, and is doing it again. And obviously knows what this whole "not shopping thing" is about. I don't have any specific time set for that, or any aims that i follow. I just want to see if i can take one month to start without buying new (read unnecessary) things. Plus, there is always an alternative to want you want to buy in your closet already. Just need to take a closer look. The most wonderful and forgotten things could be down there in the corner. And there is no better time to wear them than NOW.

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