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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back in the USSR with Ulyana Sergeenko


These pictures are part of the lookbook of Ulyana Sergeenko's latest spring-summer collection that was inspired by imaginable trip that Brigitte Bardot took to the USSR. I don't know what this is with me talking more and more about Russian fashion designers and editors (here and here) lately! I blame it on my homesickness. But probably that is too pathetic to be true. I think i finally admitted (to myself first of all) that there is a great fashion back home that i know so little about. And that's a shame! So i want to fix it, and maybe introduce you to some of the names you never heard of but will hopefully love in the future.
Back to Ulyana Sergeenko. Her last collection is very little different from what she usually does - retro inspired girly dresses, chiffon maxi gowns and flowy skirts, ditsy florals and rich velvets. It's no different from what the designer usually wears herself too. She is a true Russian doll with the scarf wrapped around her head the way they used to wear it back in the USSR (so called 'babushka" style). And i love it. This is something i can wear every day and night and feel pretty in. And this is what my grandmother tough me to do too. Now when the memories starting to get me i have to finish this post before i start crying my eyes out. But i will be back with more fashion from my home country and show you some beauty and style tricks from "Soviet" times.          


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