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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Secret of "Wooden Diamonds"

Vika Gazinskaya has presented her Fall -Winter collection that was inspired by baroque art and vintage wallpapers. Golden brass jacquard and historical clothing details are the main theme of the collection. I wrote a few posts about Vika Gazinskaya (here and here) and her previous collections, but i feel like the fall looks are the strongest ones. I don't know if it's because i have a thing for "baroque couture" (ever since Alexander McQueen's "Angels and Demons" collection), but this is my favorite collection by Vika gazinskaya so far. 

all the images

There is also a separate part of the collection that kind of sticking out. These sweatshirts with colorful "wooden diamonds" on them. You have probably seen them before, since Miroslava Duma and Vika herself wore them during Paris Fashion Week. And all the style bloggers has became obsessed with these beauties ever since. Unfortunately for those who were going to buy them, the sweaters won't be available until the end of August and what stores are going to launch Vazinskaya's collection is a secret too. But for those who simply want to DIY them, Vika told Russian Vogue that the "diamonds" are magnets, so you can move and arrange them however you wish. I know, i'm on a "shopping diet" this month, but no one said i couldn't get crafty. If only i could find these magnets!      

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