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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How I Wore PJ's Out (Not Really)

My pajama top from Betsy Johnson has finally arrived. Well, it actually got here like a week ago, but i never had a chance to wear it. As i posted a few weeks ago (here) i tried to come up with an "outdoor" outfit for it. And at first i just wanted to layer the shirt with a blazer and maybe a coat on top too, since i bought an actual pajama piece from an intimate collection. But then i figured, what the hell?! I might give a try and leave it fully seen with some heels and make up done. And i think this is the key: if you are trying to rock a "sleepwear" outside of your apartment and you are not headed to "Walmart", make sure you put mascara and cute shoes on. Now i'm searching online for a "pajama" style pants. I don't think i can get away with the ones you wear to bed in that case though. Oh well, i guess, we will see!

Wearing: top - Betsy Johnson, pants - H&M, shoes - Moda Spana, clutch - Yves Saint Laurent, necklace - H&M 

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